Our Client Testimonials

Our old IT provider was slow in responding to our requests. Golden Gate treated us with respect and went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of. They made several urgent trips to our office and gave us recommendations on how to get the best use out of our systems.

We were very satisfied with Golden Gate’s work and his recommendations. We would absolutely recommend Golden Gate. They are very responsive, professional, and a great company to work with.

Maria Cabrera, , Base Partners, Inc.

I needed my entire IT environment upgraded. Golden Gate Technology designed and built a multi-monitor trading and portfolio management workstation with a redundant file server to protect my data. I now enjoy a four LCD system that performs beyond my expectations and am rest assured that my data is backed up. Prior to my the hardware upgrades I suffered a catastrophic data loss when my Dell's hard drive crashed. I lost my email and documents. As a result I moved to Golden Gate's hosted Microsoft Exchange Server with Enterprise Blackberry Server support for my Blackberry. Now I no longer have to worry about losing my email or manually sync my handheld device. I never thought I could afford Enterprise level applications.

I continue to leverage Golden Gate Tech for all my IT needs and strongly recommend them to any organization who is looking for a highly qualified IT professional. They are very responsive to requests for help and have solved all of my issues.

Todd Lee, Principal, Athena Asset Management, LLC.

Golden Gate Technology designed, hosts and actively manages my investment analysis web portal. I needed a fully interactive website where I could easily post my daily investment newsletter and allow my users to interact with me in real-time. Golden Gate Technology developed a platform that makes it easy for the non-techie to post and present data, ask questions, send messages and chat. The site is completely interactive, easy to use and flexible.

I don't have to worry about managing the technical side, Golden Gate Technology does that for me, leaving me to concentrate on what I do best, market research. They are quick to respond to my issues, questions and requests for new features and their services don't break the bank.

Robert Smith, Institutional Research Analyst

We needed a function on our website that would show people local restaurants and grocery stores where they could find our farmed fish, Kona Kampachi®.

Golden Gate Technology created a locator function, using Google Maps, that showed all restaurants/retailers that carry Kona Kampachi® when someone typed in their town or zip code. The locations showed up on a map, and gave addresses and phone numbers.

We're very happy with the solution. James went above and beyond what he believed to be the original scope of the project, and developed custom modifications to the google map software.

Kelly Smith, Kona Blue Water Farms, LLC.